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The Reign...The Fall

Reignfall is a real-time strategy game with elements of city-building and third-person action. Build a city and defend your keep against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Can you survive against the fallen horde?


  • Resource production chains inspired by classical city building games
  • Fight the fallen by commanding your armies RTS-style or take direct control of your heroes in third-person and fight along side your troops on the battlefield
  • Learn to master your Lord and 6 different heroes, each with their own unique playstyle
  • Procedurally generated maps - every playthrough is different
  • Freely place units and simulate battles in the Battle Tester mode


Buy Now$4.99 CAD or more

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Hey! As far as I can tell it seems to be a great game and I`m thinking about buying it. So just a question. Do you plan to add further features?


There are no plans to add further features to the game. I am currently working on another project.

Thanks for the answer^^

Whats the use of Flagellants, never used them so far.

Flagellants deal blunt damage with their maces which is good against skeletons.

Ah ofcourse, thanks!


I have really enjoyed this game so far. I would like it if the game started out paused. As well the speed keys bound to 1234 would be nice too.


Glad you are enjoying the game!

The number keys are hard bound to selection groups. I will consider making the game start out paused.


Hi Checkmaty,

The game is just AWESOME! I really love playing it.

I bought it 2 days ago, and after some lossed games I got the hang of it. Now i'm winning every time with no big challenges.

I use this tactic to win:

  1. Start with 100 or 200 extra wood (you can use other upgrades but they wont matter as much, +1k gold is usefull as third option)
  2. Start game and pause immediatly, build a church, market and well with enough space around them. 
  3. Build houses till you got 50 wood left~
  4. Build 2 farms, 6 patches of farm land. 1 windmill, 1 bakery.
  5. Build 3-4 woodcutters
  6. If you have any resources left, build iron cutter or a pig farm.
  7. Start the game, immediatly make 3 militia. Place 2 militia on the furthest sides of your base, to give you some time to move your other solders there if attacked.
  8. Defeat the first (or first 2) wave, build 3-4 more militia, make more farm, build 1 hob farm with 6 tiles of hob fields.
  9. Now go for a ale maker, weapon smithy, leather tanner, armory, another pig farm and start upgrading houses.
  10. Build barracks, another windmill + bakery and start building stronger soldiers.
  11. Add the tavern next to the church to upgrade the houses (you should keep a spot saved early on, by now you should have enough ale for a tavern, even with a single hop farm)

Further in the game:

Depending on your food/money supply you should expand with a warehouse and go for either:

1. another set of church/market/well/tavern with lots of houses if you need money. (usually i have like 8 woodcutters by now to build the houses)

2. Fertile ground to build more farms, if your starting positions lacks fertile ground. Build more farms with windmills/bakery's.


-Put militia's on the far end of your base and your main army in the middle in the early waves.

-When building units with the barracks, add 1-2 units to your main army, then start building a second army. If your base is stretched you should get multiple armies, i've finished the game with as many as 5 army's.

Feedback on the game:

-I love building walls, but they don't really affect the battles that much.

-When focussing on money early, the whole game gets easy. Certainly when I build met second warehouse to expand the houses. Either limit houses or decrease their returns above a certain number of houses.


You are the first person, that I am aware of, that has defeated the game!

Instead of set difficulty levels, the item system serves as a "soft" difficulty level. So the more items you use, the easier the game will be.
The big challenge is to defeat the game without using any items. I will probably add an achievement for this later on in the STEAM version.

-Too much income from housing:
This is tricky. I don't want to add in some kind of artificial limit to housing income. This will add limitations to what the player builds. I will consider.


That Steam achievement would be cool.

I will post some balance suggestions next week when I played alot more.

(3 edits)

Played the game abit more and managed to survive to wave 14. 

My map was so clogged at that point where every wave (of annoying friggin catapaults) just took a solid 1/3 of my base while i tried to kill everything else. This is with all of the camps cleared (huge base btw)

- We should be able to upgrade certain buildings OR be able to research production sciences that boost efficiency, OR Both. Less map clog= better game play. Upgrading buildings function like Caesar games where adjacent houses can combine and upgrade (maybe automatically after some time) a bigger house. Maybe something like 1x1 tent > 2x2 house > 3x3 big house > 4x4 tavern. 

- Getting attacked from multiple unexpected angles and losing because of it is so unsatisfying as a player. Sure, It makes the game harder, but it feels RNG because surviving the wave depends too much on if you placed your towers at the right side of your base. Balancing the game would be easier if every playthrough with similar conditions. I think all of the enemies should come from a single direction/

-Class system feels... not very unique. This could have been done so much better IMO.
The ranger doesn't shoot arrows. Paladin and Warlord die instantly without micromanagement because of stunlock. Sorceress's E ability feels like it should be on the Paladin. I feel like their abilities should get a complete rework. Stay to traditional ideas. Draw inspiration from games such as LOL/Hammerwarch. Archer should Insane dps to one target.   Sorceress looks to have  AOE/Waveclear. Paladin should be a Huge tank with with taunt abilities. Warlock should be a frontline... etc 

- Leveling up could definitely do something more than just 10% increase and reduction in dmg. Maybe a unique passive for veterancy or maybe something more like a skill point distribution system?

Something should also be done about stunlock

These changes should probably give a more smoother progression curve and prepare it up for 15+ wave games

Thanks for the feedback!

-Annoying catapults:
In the next update catapults will move and shoot slower while in combat. They will also only show up on boss waves. Should make them less annoying.

-Clogged map and upgrades to buildings:
Housing can currently be upgraded (hovel->house->large house).
I did not include upgrades to production buildings as I wanted the building portion of the game to play like a puzzle game where usage of limited space must be considered. making buildings upgradeable would sort of remove this element of the game (just upgrade buildings and not worry about space). I will consider it though.

-Getting attacked from multiple angles:
I'm aware of the inbalanced difficulty from RNG of getting attacked from multiple directions.
Making all enemies attack from a single direction will heavily reduce the amount of strategy and tactics required to defend against waves (just send all troops to one direction to fight every attack wave). I will think of a way to balance this.

-Heroes feeling more unique and dying to stunlock:
I will consider modifying the abilities of the heroes to make them more unique.

In previous versions of the game, heroes were attached to units and only died when the unit died. If a hero lost all health, then they would be momentarily "knocked out" and would get back up when their health recovered. Unfortunately, this made for very jarring "sudden deaths" when the unit a hero was attached to died. To fix this, I made the heroes separate units. Now they will only die when health is depleted. This does make heroes much more vulnerable and required additional micromanagement to keep them alive. Maybe giving them more health will help. I will consider.

-More in depth leveling/veterancy:
I want to keep the leveling system simple. A elite unit with 30% bonus damage and damage resistance is very strong!

-15+ wave games:
Next version of the game will have 18 waves and a new boss.


I had played the game today for 5 hours managing to arrive to wave 10! and I must say that I've enjoyed all the time.

The idea reminds me Kingdom Under Fire a game that I loved in the past, anyway I want to say what should be improved:
1) Demolish building don't give you back some resources
2) The combat system is clunky as hell often the hero get stunned getting destroyed
3) If you lose Royal Gards you cant rebuild them
4) The hero should level UP like all the other units
5) The reward system is unfair because you can use it only when you restart a new game.. I needed my new giant and the abilities I've unlocked to survive.
6) You shoud be able to build on top of trees!
7) Why I can't sell in the market extra stuff like armors and weapons, or buy needed resouces?
8) The fallen king and his bodyguards are too strong imo
9) The building are too squishy and since the enemy can use catapults I would like to see something like only catapults can destroy buildings like castles and defensive walls
10) why catapults can shoots while in melee combat?  

Ten list points after 10 waves not bad! I'm sure you'll do a great job making this game great.


Kingdom Under Fire was actually the main inspiration for the game. The battles in that game are amazing.
Too bad Kingdom Under Fire 2 is so different from the original XBox games. I wonder why they decided to make the game a MMO instead of focusing on a single player experience. It is definitely in development hell and will probably never be released.

In response to some of your suggestions:
"Demolish building don't give you back some resources"
-This is a good idea. I will look into it.

"If you lose Royal Guards you cant rebuild them"
-This is by design. They function like units from items (0 upkeep). Makes the player want to keep them alive. Although you can reinforce them if you have the resources.

"The hero should level UP like all the other units"
-Heroes hired from the Tavern can level up. The Lord cannot level up.

"Why I can't sell in the market extra stuff like armors and weapons, or buy needed resources?"
-I may add the ability to sell additional types of resources. I did not include the feature to buy resources as the player can just spam housing to get a very high income and use the gold to buy resources instead of producing them from buildings (makes production buildings redundant).

"Why catapults can shoots while in melee combat?"
-In a old build of the game the catapults could not move or shoot while in combat. In practice I found that this made the catapults useless and a non-threat. Because of this I made it so catapults could move and shoot even while in combat. I will try to find a way to balance the catapults.


Thank you for the reply, happy to been useful for you as game tester.
This game has a good potential and with some work could become a must buy for RTS lovers.

Love the game, just played 10 hours straight and only passed the 3rd wave three times. This game has soo much potential. I dont think things need to get nerfed however there definetly needs to be some QOL changes.

First off the map selection is so RNG that you pretty much are fucked if you have a bad starting point and have used your items. This had lead to me straight up restarting game after loading bad terrain with no empty space.  Just make the map (atleast 2x) bigger and let us choose where to place the castle. The game is very light so you dont need to worry about fps lagg.

We should be able to command woodcutters to chop down certain trees. Currently only thing i can do is place woodcutter close and HOPE he cuts down the tree.

Save game feature is a defs need imo, however hardcore makes the game much more intense.

Yeah, I have more in mind however these are the main things. Is there a forum where we can discuss ideas and strats? i was quite lost when i was trying to learn the game.


Thanks for playing the game and the suggestions. I'll take them into consideration.
You can post feedback and suggestions on the discussion board of the steam page.

Regarding lack of space:
Town territory can be expanded by placing down Storehouses (they act as mini Keeps). You may have to clear out some neutral camps though.  

If trees are blocking your building space they can be deleted with the delete tool (The big red X in the construction panel). You can pretty much delete any trees on the map with it.

ive been playing this game for about a week now and i cant stop playing it. im glad a youtuber i watch showed this game. the furthest ive got to is act 4 before losing but  had the champion, extra food and stone,  and cleave and jump smash to get that far. Overall im glad i bought this game and cant wait for its release keep up the amazing work.

Glad you enjoyed the game.
If by act you mean the stages, then that is pretty impressive.
I wonder if anyone has beaten the game yet.

Hello! As i cant wait, i want to buy your game here. Will the purchase include a steam version/code once its released in 11 days?

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Yes, the purchase includes a steam key.

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So i found your game on here and i really wanted to say that i love the game. the concept is awesome and the gameplay between resource management and 3rd person combat is incredible. 

i have even done a couple of videos on it for my channel wintercasice but i did run into a problem. when the king fell and the monsters attacked the castle i wanted my militia to fight the threat but they glitched on the castle and were unable to move. i really just wanted to let you know that this happened but i still very much love the game and i am planning to continue playing it!

keep being awesome and have a wonderful day!


I learned about Reignfall from Nookriums channel

I can't really even describe how impressed I am with this project. You are really on to something with this and have my full support. I thought the 3rd person action combat would just be a gimmick but somehow your have managed to make it integral and even satisfying.

The game most definitely has balancing issues but I'm sure you already know this. I love a challenge in any game I play and understand how delicate balancing is, especially when you are only one person.

A place for suggestions, feedback and bug reporting would be great.

I look forward to seeing Reignfall evolve. Keep it up!

Thank you for the kind words!
Balancing is definitely an issue. I've been watching youtube videos about the game (including Nookrium) and no one seems to be able to pass the 3rd wave. There will be some experimental balance changes in the next update.

In about 2 weeks I will be releasing the game on to steam. There will be a discussion board on the steam page where feedback and bug reports can be posted. I'm reluctant to turn the comment section on this page into a discussion board. I don't want to lose the comments.

(4 edits)

I too find it hard to get past 3rd wave, usually Gold or Stone is in short supply by then. 

If there were Gold mines added it might help the flow of the game and slightly more stone from mining, maybe horse and cart option to speed up the re-supply.

Would be nice to see rolling green hills in places, raise some areas slightly.

Great game though, a real challenge to play.

Thanks for  this game, Respondi at Respondi433 Youtube Channel

Glad you are enjoying the game.

In regards to gold income:
You can upgrade the housing or place down service buildings (Chapel, Well, Market, Tavern) in order to boost income. Keep in mind that housing does need to be in range and have a road connection (except the well) to the service building in order to get the bonus. I've seen some players get a absurdly high income rate with a efficient housing and road layout.

Hello Itch community, I'm one of the beta testers for Reignfall. Here is a video of a gameplay run with the most recent version v.0.8. I get crushed in the 3rd wave via neutral camps :(


Do you have a email contact?

Just updated my profile. You can find my contact email there.

thanks. I sent a email to you now :)

This merge between RTS and 3rd person looks great! God I love it.

I'm pretty excited about it now. 

I have a quest if you allow me. Will the full release be strictly a horde defense game? 

I think that having a campaign with objective oriented stages on Reignfall would be pretty awesome.

There's an oldish game I played about 10 years ago called Battalion Wars 2 that have this concept of RTS but the player can "possess" units and play in 3rd person as well. On that game every level had an objective, like carrying an item somewhere, protecting some structure, or killing some particularly strong unit. 

So I thought something like this would be cool to help keeping the Reignfall gameplay fresh throughout the play sessions.

Well anyway you are doing something awesome here. Keep up the good job. I'm cheering on you and looking forward for the full release.

I'm glad you enjoy the game!
There are currently no plans for a campaign. The game will be strictly horde mode.
My focus is on polishing and adding more content like new bosses, enemies, recruitable units, etc...
Not familiar with Battalion Wars. I'll check it out.

Should have different level of difficulty

I balanced the game to be very difficult. You can earn equipable items (in game) that make runs of the game easier. I'm curious, are you finding the game too difficult or too easy?

I love the strategy and combat aspect of the game it feels good to use but I feel that it should be easier to get more units, I have beaten the first stage 5 times by making only apple orchards and militia but I have never beaten it despite countless tries even with the rewards with any other troops, I have never even gotten a unit besides a militia. I feel that there should be time in between stages and more starting wood and stone. Also easier to get units if that requires the units being less strong. Still I love the game, keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback on the game. Balancing is still a work in progress (its really tough to balance a complex RTS as a solo dev). Have you tried the farming route? Spearmen can be quickly acquired by producing leather armor (Grain Farm -> Pig Farm -> Tannery). Apple Farms are a really slow  source of food and is usually a last resort for when farming or fishing is not possible.

Actually since I wrote that message I have discovered that it is about the right difficulty to get heavy metal troops. Don't get me wrong I love the game and I would never be able to make something like this and I really do enjoy playing, the pacing is pretty spot on. I had no idea that farming and fishing are much better tactics, I'll try those, and when this game comes out on steam I'll definitely buy it.

Glad to hear that you are faring better at the game. Thanks again for the feedback.

Hey  downloaded it. Keeps saying it's a security risk? Anyone know why?

You get the warning because the exe file is unsigned. The game is safe to run.

Thanks. Great game. I'm gonna get back to killing squishies.

Bro. Wow. Awesome idea.

Looks like a lot of fun :D. I am not getting excited very often anymore, but this looks very interesting. I would love to try it out, when I got some time besides developing my own game ^^. Very cool concept! You could need some decent designer though ;)

Totally enjoyed that, very well made game that is intuitive and easy to get to grips with, the balance of production and farming works really well and all the time you're watching the clock tick down to the next wall of the Fallen. Love it, thanks for making it available for us to play, I made a video of it, i hope you don't mind! 

(2 edits)

Thanks for trying my game. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Loved it, thanks again, am looking forward to more of it

Wow! (Rubs hands greedily)